What we do:
Here at Platinum Sporting we offer a bespoke, tailored service to our clients individual requirements. So whether you're looking for a single peg, a day for a team of guns, infield instruction or just a loader for the day, we're here to help and we can also make sure you have the best cartridges available so that you get the most out of your day.

The Best in the Business:
We have two top instructors. Our Lady instructor is the most successful lady shooter of all time. She is 19 Times World Champion with multiple European, British and English Titles so you can be sure to make the most of your day. Our other instructor has 35 years game shooting experience and multiple qualifications who has proven himself to be one of the best infield instructors in the business. Both of our instructors are are also in the current top 20 shots in the country for several different disciplines and they are both able to take even complete novices and get them hitting game consistently by the end of the day. They are also able to help even the most experienced shot and get them shooting at a higher level.

We have designed our own range of shotgun cartridges and are confident in saying that we have the best Game and Clay Cartridges on the Market. We also import Shotgun Cartridges from the Number one cartridge manufacturer in France and our aim is to provide our fellow shooters with better ammunition at fairer prices here in the UK. We have something for every ability and every budget and have the only recoil reducing 8 Star Crimp on the market. We are also one of the few manufacturers to use Nickel coated shot in our top of the range cartridges which are proven to produce the best patterns.

Only Qualified and Insured:
All of our loaders are Lantra Qualified and have their own insurance.

Juniors: - A list of Grounds that provide concessions for Juniors and their contact information.
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